Michlyn is a panhandle native.  She grew up in Pensacola, but has had the opportunity to live in 17 cities in the last 20 years.  Her travels took her to Boston, Philadelphia, Montreal, Zurich and Helsinki.  In 2006, after one of her own children became very sick, she became an activist on the subject of the American food supply, our toxic environment and the alarming relationship between each of these and the health of our children.  She developed a love for simplicity and Scandinavian design while living in Finland and the gifts of yoga and intentional living, somewhere along the way.  These are the elements she brings with her in creating the space she calls Otium.  Michlyn completed her yoga teacher training at Core Power Yoga in Chicago and she is committed to a holistic and individualized approach to health and well-being.

Michlyn Metropolit