Where are you from?  

I've lived in 8 different cities, 5 different states and two different countries. I moved here from Austin, TX in 2004 with my husband. I'm told if your kids are born here you can officially call yourself a local. 


How long have you been an instructor? 

5 months!


Favorite yoga pose? 

Warrior 2. In this pose, I feel incredibly powerful establishing a strong base while reaching out, and looking forward. 


Favorite song to work out to? 

I don't want to admit this but "Bulletproof" by La Roux; also a smattering of songs from kids movies. 


One fun fact? 

I was asked to mouth an entire song in 6th grade choir because my voice was killing a 40 person choir performance. I do not let this stop me from constantly singing, no matter how much my  kids beg me to stop. 

Michlyn Metropolit